I will go ahead and shed some light on myself, and why I do what I do. Hunter, myself and our two kiddos lived in Arlington for a little over 5 years, and it never felt like home. Sure, it was where we bought our first house and made it a home, it’s where my daughter took her first steps, it’s where she started kindergarten and it’s where my son was born. We always knew we would move back to IP, and raise our kids there, we just knew it. Hunter has had a best friend since the age of 4, which honestly is vey rare these days, but they still got it. When we came to IP one weekend for a party, they announced they were expecting, and that was the moment when Hunter decided it was NOW for us to get back where we grew up, to get back and plant some roots, and let our kids grow up with only the best people in this world. So the Good Lord started putting things into motion for us. We decided to move back home and branch his dad’s company to our hometown. Hunter become a broker several years ago, I got my license and we couldn’t wait to start our own real estate company from the ground up, just like his dad and stepmom did.  I have had some ups and downs definitely when it comes to this profession. Even though it has been an uphill battle, I know the end result will be worth it. The  main reason we started all this was 1st for our kids to grow up with friends. 2nd was to continue to build Iowa Park, Texas back up, and 3rd was to help friends and family find everything they wanted when it came to houses and land. If you are looking for a realtor that is a friend, that will be honest with you, that will work hard for you, one that you can call anytime of the day, and one who just wants to be there for you, I promise we are the one for you.

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